East Coast Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
                             Supporting all Florida's Native Orphaned and Injured Wildlife.
East Coast Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is located in Port Orange, Florida. We currently hold a Class II & III State Wildlife Permit and a Federal Permit for all avian species. We are dedicated to the rehabilitation of all Florida’s orphaned and injured wildlife. Our mission is to release all successful rehabbed animals back into the wild. 
                                             Orphaned or Injured Animals 
                                                 Please Call for Assistance 

                                       TO SUPPORT THE ANIMALS.

We have no support from the State or Government, every few people will donate to the wildlife either. We have been told to just let them die, ITS NATURE! The problem for us is, it's not nature to get hit by a car or wrapped in fishing line or shot by a gun. Some have told us "they get nothing for donating to us, they can't come see the animals so why give a dollar." It's really sad for us to struggle each month with just feeding the animals. We now have to take our time on top of working 12 hour days to stand on street corners and beg for money so we can buy the medicines we need.
It's a State law that people cannot come here. If everyone came here then these hurt and sick animals would be so stressed out they would probably die or be humanized. Then when we release them they would walk up to someone and those people call Fish and Wildlife and the animal is then euthanized.
I know you don't get to see the joy of a Hawk or Owl or Songbird flying away back to its home or the bobcat, fox or skunk running back into the woods taking one last look over his shoulder thanking us. But, please know in your heart that your help is used for just that, getting them back to their homes healthy again. Please help support us.

Office Hours- 10 A.M.- 12 A.M.
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