East Coast Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
                             Supporting all Florida's Native Orphaned and Injured Wildlife.
East Coast Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is located in Port Orange, Florida. We currently hold a Class II & III State Wildlife Permit and a Federal Permit for all avian species. We are dedicated to the rehabilitation of all Florida’s orphaned and injured wildlife. Our mission is to release all successful rehabbed animals back into the wild. 
                                             Orphaned or Injured Animals 
                                                 Please Call for Assistance 

Office Hours- 10 A.M.- Midnight. 7 days a week and all holidays.

Please Donate with NO State or Government Funding we need your help to support Volusia County's hurt and orphaned wildlife. You can send donations to P.O. Box 290074, Port Orange FL 32129-0074 or on our Contact page with pay pal. Thank you for helping us save all Florida's wildlife.
         Our Flight Aviary is 16'high, 20'wide, and at 100'long is the largest wooden flight facility in Volusia County.

                     Aviary # 6- 12' wide, 12'high, 40'long.                                               Brittany works with us at the center. 

                  Aviary #7 - 8' high, 8' wide, 16' long and is one of our live prey aviaries. It is all enclosed in hardware cloth.

                                       Mew # 9 -  8' high, 12' long, 12' wide.                                                                   Aviary #7

                              Inside Mew # 9 - Great Horned Owl - The wooden slats represent trees.  They are too close together to fly through.

                   Aviary # 2 -Marsh Birds  8' high, 8'wide, 16' long.                                    Mew # 10 - 8'high, 8' wide, 8'long.

                                  Aviary # 2                                                                         Aviary # 1 - Songbirds 8' high, 8' wide, 20' long.

             There are many bird houses at the center.                                                 One of our evacuation  trailers.

This is the story about a baby Osprey. One day this baby Osprey fell out of his nest at the Pavilion Shopping Center in Port Orange. While waiting for our friends who could get us up to high places, he rested in a holding enclosure at the center. After an hour or two the baby was chauffeured up by the CEO of East Coast Wildlife Rehab, Sherrie. It was a happy ending for this Osprey family and a great day for our Center. Special Thanks to our friends in high places.

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